Shark Tank Cup-a-Bug, a safe bug-catching tool founded by Justin Huang, telecasted Shark Tank USA in 2024 on Season 15. The founder was seeking $50,000 for 10% equity in their business. However, they secured a deal with Mark Cuban, $75,000 for 20% equity. In this article, we will explore Cup-a-Bug Net Worth in 2024, its Shark Tank pitch summary and more.

Cup-a-Bug Net Worth

As of May 2024, Cup-a-Bug’s net worth is $200K, and its annual revenue was $28,000 in 2022. 

Net worth$200K *estimated
Annual Sales Revenue$28,000 (2022)
ProfitsNot Available
Lifetime sales$1 million (2024)
Employees1-10 employees

Cup-a-Bug Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024$200K
Net Worth 2023$200K

Shark Tank Cup-a-Bug Update from Season 15

Try Cup-a-Bug if you want to catch an insect in your home without hurting it. This tool lets you safely capture bugs without touching them. To use Cup-a-Bug, place the cup over the insect and pull the lever. This action closes a trapdoor under the bug, safely capturing it inside.

Then, take the Cup-a-Bug outside and release the insect. This simple method makes it less likely for people to harm the bug. The founder entered the Shark Tank, seeking $50,000 for 10% equity valuing the company at $500K.

The sharks asked about sales, and Justin shared that he launched a Kickstarter for Cup-a-Bug in February 2022. The campaign was successful, with over 800 pre-orders sold, valued at around $28,000. Also, he mentioned that three months before filming, Cup-a-Bug sold 1,200 units.

The sharks liked Justin and asked about his background. He said he has an engineering background and worked with his father, who builds motors. Justin developed Cup-a-Bug and enjoys creating new products. He even showed the sharks an extraordinary invention he made for them that launches small items.

Then, Mark Cuban offered $50,000 for 20%, and Daymond John say that he will match Mark’s offer. Then, Daymond raised his offer to $60,000 for 30%. When Justin asked if both sharks could partner with him, Mark said he wanted to work with Justin alone. Daymond suggested partnering with Mark, but Mark preferred to do the deal alone.

Before Justin could counter, Mark increased his offer to $75,000 for 20% ownership, valuing the company at $375K. Justin agreed to the deal without consulting the three remaining sharks.

Company NameCup-a-Bug Insect Catcher
FounderJustin Huang
BusinessBug catcher
EpisodeSeason 15, Episode 15
Asked Deal$50,000 for 10% equity
Final Deal$75,000 for 20% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Business StatusIn Business
Company WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquarterIrvine, California, USA

What Happened to Cup-a-Bug after Shark Tank?

As of May 2024, the Cup-a-Bug is still in business. After appearing on Shark Tank, Cup a Bug has gained popularity. Currently, you can purchase Cup-a-Bug for a discounted price of $39.99 on their official website. Also, you can buy their product on Amazon and Etsy. Also, they offer free shipping nationwide. They have a perfect 5-star rating from six reviews.

Cup-a-Bug is gearing up to launch worldwide, so if you’re outside the country and want a humane way to deal with bugs, stay tuned for their global release! They expect to make at least $100,000 in sales if Justin can handle the orders. Also, If successful it, the company could become a leading brand in the intelligent insect traps market, projected to reach $1.5 billion by 2030.

The website features instructional videos and lots of bug-related content. There’s even a bug gallery showcasing photos sent in by users they’ve caught at home! With Mark’s support, Cup-A-Bug is set to catch bugs nationwide. 

If you missed the free shipping deal and live near Irvine, California, you can contact Cup-a-Bug on social media for a local pickup option. In this case, they’ll refund your shipping costs. Cup-a-Bug currently ships within the US, but Justin aims to expand it globally.  

Cup-a-Bug Founder

Cup-a-Bug Founder Justin Huang

Justin Huang founded Cup-a-Bug in 2016. He developed it to provide a more humane alternative to catching insects. He also operates a Solid Factory company, which utilizes 3D printing to create various products, such as card trays, dice towers, and battery dispensers. 

With over 13 years of experience as a mechanical engineer at Astro Flight, Justin has excellent technical knowledge. Cup-a-Bug stems from his childhood fear of bugs, leading him to develop a tool that safely catches them without harm. This tool reflects his compassionate approach towards insects.

Cup-a-Bug Achievements and Awards

YearAchievements and Awards
2022Justin initiated the Kickstarter Campaign for his company
2024The company was featured on Shark Tank Season 15 and got the deal from Mark Cuban


Shark Tank is a TV show that showcases different business ideas and helps them succeed. Cup-a-Bug was one of the ventures featured on the show. They made a deal with Mark Cuban, showing that success is possible with the right idea and execution. Now, we eagerly await to see how their success story unfolds in the future.

Before you leave, check out the other company updates in Season 15, Episode 15.


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