Microsoft Teams services are down, causing access issues and limiting features for some users. The disruption started around 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, with a surge in technical problem reports peaking shortly before 2 p.m. At its height, more than 14,500 service incidents were reported. However, by 5:44 p.m., the number of reports had decreased to under 1,100.

Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft 365 and is widely used by professionals for scheduling, chatting, and file-sharing tasks. The recent service failure has led to significant challenges for many users. As per online research, some companies had to cancel important events due to the disruptions caused by this failure.

User Complaints and Reported Issues

According to DownDetector, 67% of reported issues were about the Teams app, 25% were service connections, and 8% were website problems. Users expressed difficulties utilizing the service, pointing out messaging delays and graphic display issues.

Microsoft’s Response

The company previously acknowledged a network issue with Teams, saying they’re fixing it by doing a failover. And it has transferred the impacted processes to a backup system.

Updates on Service Restoration

The company stated that it is progressing in restoring Team’s service in Europe and the Middle East. Microsoft is also working to safeguard its network in North and South America, closely monitoring the outages. It mentioned efforts to optimize traffic patterns and implement configuration changes to swiftly minimize customer impact. 

However, At time of writing this article, Microsoft indicates that users should be able to log in, load messages, view media, and access call recordings. However, anonymous users might still need help joining meetings, delays may persist, rejoining meetings could be problematic, and loading Copilot history might encounter issues. It’s advised not to reboot your computer if you need to log into Teams, as this was identified as an issue, too.


Microsoft Teams experienced service disruptions, affecting users globally. The company acknowledged the issue, and working on the restoration. While improvements were made, challenges like meeting access for anonymous users and delays persist. Microsoft continues to address the situation, prioritizing service restoration and minimizing customer impact.


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