Shark Tank Flaus, an oral care product founded by Samantha Coxe, telecasted Shark Tank USA in 2024 on Season 15. The founder was seeking $250,000 for 5% equity. However, she secured a deal with Candace Nelson, $250,000 for 8% equity. In this article, we will explore Flaus Net Worth in 2024, its Shark Tank pitch summary, and more.

Flaus Net Worth

As of January 2024, Flaus‘s net worth is $5 million, and its annual revenue was $900K in 2023. 

Net worth$5 million *estimated
Annual Sales Revenue900K (2023)
Profits$300K (2023)
Lifetime salesNot Available
Employees18 employees

Flaus Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024$5 million
Net Worth 2023$4.5 million

Shark Tank Flaus Update from Season 15

Samantha Coxe appeared on Shark Tank, seeking $250,000 for 5% equity, valuing the company at $5 million. She began her pitch by highlighting questions dentists typically ask their patients. She emphasized the importance of oral health, noting that only 30% of Americans floss daily.

The creators designed Flaus to help people keep their teeth healthy for life by making daily dental care enjoyable. Known as the world’s first eco-friendly and super-effective electric flosser, Flaus can remove food and plaque between teeth and around gums five times faster and more effectively than regular flossers. A USB-C charging cable can charge it. Also, it is a light product, waterproof (IPX7), and easy to carry.

All the Sharks immediately liked Flaus’s design and idea. Guest shark Candace Nelson, after trying it, enjoyed the peppermint-flavored floss and asked if there were other flavors. There, Samantha confirmed that more flavors were being developed.

Also, Candace asked about the price and cost to understand the product’s financial sustainability. Samantha explained that a Flaus device sells online for $99 and costs $10 to make. The total cost to produce the Flaus kit is $25, giving the company a 75% gross margin per kit. Each kit includes a Flaus device, charger, cable, and 45 floss heads.

Samantha further explained that the company offers 90 floss heads every three months with a subscription plan costing $15 (or $5 per month). Another Shark, Daymond John, then asked Samantha if the company had any retail presence. Samantha explained that because Flaus devices were new, it took a lot of work to build retail connections. So, she said, decided to sell directly to consumers instead. 

She further shared that Flaus made $900,000 in sales over the past year, resulting in a gross profit of $300,000. Although Flaus was yet to be very profitable, Guest Shark Candace was impressed by its first-year performance.

Kevin asked about Flaus’s customer acquisition cost. Samantha said it was $38 per order, and their return on ad spend (ROAS) was three times the cost. However, despite having nearly a million dollars in sales, the company spent nothing on public relations or publicity.

Candace asked about the money Samantha raised for Flaus. Samantha said she raised $3.5 million because the device was a consumer electronic and the business required a lot of capital. The fundraising took place over two years and ended with a valuation of $8 million.

Lori Greiner compared the Flaus product to a mousetrap for consumers. She preferred traditional flossers and didn’t think Flaus justified its price, so she decided not to invest. Mark Cuban followed Lori’s decision and also chose not to invest, stating that electric flossers didn’t align with his preferences.

Kevin O’Leary was impressed by Samantha’s pitch but didn’t like her original offer. Instead, he proposed a new deal: $250,000 for 5% ownership of Flaus, along with a royalty of $2.50 until he recovered $750,000. Then, Candice Nelson disagreed with Kevin’s offer, calling it harsh. She preferred a long-term partnership with Flaus over demanding royalties. 

Then, Candace proposed $250,000 for an 8% stake in the company. She highlighted her experience in building successful brands. At the moment, Kevin reduced his equity demand to 3% to match Candice’s offer.

Daymond John then proposed $250,000 for a 10% stake in the company. He emphasized his ability to help Samantha secure licensing deals with larger organizations.

But Samantha tried to catch up with Candace and she wanted to negotiate with Candace’s original offer. She then attempted to increase the cash offer to $350,000, which Candace declined. Then, Samantha tried to involve both Daymond and Candace in a deal, but Daymond refused, saying their skills didn’t complement each other. Eventually, Samantha agreed to Candace’s original offer, and they reached a deal.

Company NameFlaus
Founder Samantha Coxe
BusinessAn oral hygiene solution
EpisodeSeason 15, Episode 22
Asked Deal$250,000 for 5% equity
Final Deal$250,000 for 8% equity
Shark Candace Nelson 
Business StatusIn Business
Company WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquarterNew York, United States

Summary of the Sharks’ Deal List!

Candace Nelson$250,000 for 8% equity (Accepted Deal)$350,000 for 8% equity
Kevin O’Leary$250,000 for 5% equity plus $2.50 royalty until recoups $750,000$250,000 for 3% equity plus $2.5 royalty until $750,000 is recouped 
Daymond John$250,000 for 10% of the company N/A
Mark CubanNo OfferN/A
Lori Greiner No OfferN/A

What Happened to Flaus after Shark Tank?

As of June 2024, the Flaus is still in business. Samantha, a former M&A lawyer, is accustomed to dealing with wealthy investors, as evidenced by her pitch. It was expected that the startup would generate at least $100,000 in sales over the next week after the episode aired. The initial 48 hours following the airing were typically the busiest. 

An electric flosser starter kit may seem expensive at $119, but it’s five times faster and more effective than regular floss. It has an average rating of 4.6 stars from 429 reviews. Currently, they’re offering discounts on their website and Amazon store.

Flaus is taking calculated risks to grow while keeping costs low. Samantha plans to focus on the oral beauty niche and target 70% of Americans who don’t floss regularly. According to LinkedIn, the company has 18 employees in the US and plans to hire more in the next six months.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Flaus has undergone some changes. The company now mentions the Shark Tank deal on its website, confirming its official status. They introduced a special Shark Tank bundle for fans, and the price of the bundle has been reduced from $150 to $120. Also, they are currently introducing many other bundles, and you can choose your preferred bundle by visiting their official website.

Flaus Founder

Flaus Founder Samantha Coxe

Samantha Coxe hails from San Clemente, California, and is the founder of Flaus, which was started in 2019. The idea for Flaus came to Samantha while she was an intern at Skadden for four years. She struggled with traditional flossing but began to take it more seriously a week before a dental appointment. Despite being diligent about brushing her teeth twice a day, she found flossing challenging.

Samantha Coxe realized the necessity for an electric flosser after experiencing nine cavities due to her dislike for traditional flossing. She was Unhappy with the lack of alternative options available online. She co-founded Flaus with Ellie Hanson (who left the business in 2023) to address this need and improve oral hygiene practices.

In 2019, She left her corporate job and invested $80,000 of her savings to start the company. After creating and testing six prototypes, she launched a successful campaign on Indiegogo in April 2021, raising $270,611. Flaus later secured a $2 million seed round led by Yeti Capital, bringing total funding to $4 million. In addition to the IndieGoGo funds, she has raised an additional $3.3 million.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Southern California, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Later, she pursued a Doctor of Law (JD) degree from the New York University School of Law. Also, She began her professional journey as a Legal Intern at Brown White & Osborn LLP in 2011. 

She also served as a Co-Author and Researcher at the USC Psychology Department in 2013. And as a research assistant for Dr Thomas D Lyon at the USC Gould School of Law until 2014. In 2016, She worked as a Pathways Fellow at the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission for four months. She then became a Summer Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates, staying until July 2016. 

Flaus Achievements and Awards

YearAchievements and Awards
2023The electric flosser was named one of Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2023
2024The company was featured on Shark Tank Season 15 and got the deal from Candace Nelson


Shark Tank is a TV show showcasing different business ideas, helping them succeed. Flaus was one of the ventures featured on the show. They made a deal with Candace Nelson, showing that success is possible with the right idea and execution. Now, we eagerly await to see how their success story unfolds in the future.

Before you leave, check out the other company updates in Season 15, Episode 22. 


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