Shark Tank Da Vinci Eye, a mobile app founded by Samuel Gherman, telecasted Shark Tank USA in 2024 on Season 15. The founder was seeking $350,000 for 5% equity, but unfortunately, he couldn’t secure a deal with the Sharks. In this article, we will explore Da Vinci Eye Net Worth in 2024, its Shark Tank pitch summary, and more.

Da Vinci Eye Net Worth

As of April 2024, Da Vinci Eye’s net worth is unknown. However, Da Vinci Eyes business valuation was $7 million based on their pitch of $350,000 for 5% equity. 

Net worthNot Available
Annual Sales Revenue890K (In 2022)
ProfitsNot Available
Lifetime salesNot Available
Employees1-10 employees

Da Vinci Eye Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024Not Available
Net Worth 2023Not Available

Shark Tank Da Vinci Eye Update from Season 15 

Da Vinci Eye is a mobile app that acts as an art projector, transforming the drawing experience. It lets you project images from your phone onto any surface. Sam’s creativity led to this revolutionary tool, which artists worldwide love. The app ranked among the top five in its category in over 100 countries.

It’s not just for digital artists but also for painters and bakers who want to create beautiful art. With features like drawing tools, tutorials, and a supportive community, it’s more than just tracing. Sam also created Mural Maker, an app for drawing giant murals using augmented reality. Both apps have a unique system for turning images into step-by-step drawing guides.

He presented his business to a panel of five Sharks, including Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Daniel Lubetzky. His goal was to convince them that his company was worth investing in. There, the founder asked for a deal, $350,000 for 5% equity, valuing the company at $7 million.

He started earning money in June 2020, making $450,000 in revenue. The following year, in 2021, his sales increased to $890,000. In 2022, he made $860,000 in sales. In 2023, Samuel changed his business model to a $19.99 per year subscription. 

However, during his pitch, the Sharks grew frustrated with his indirect responses to their questions.

Due to Samuel’s indirect answers, Daymond John dropped out abruptly during the pitch. Lori Greiner asked about this year’s sales projections, and Samuel estimated they will reach $1.1 million. Furthermore, Samuel mentioned he expects to reach $1.6 million in sales next year. However, the Sharks initially thought he had already achieved that number in the current year.

Kevin O’Leary asked about Samuel’s customer acquisition costs, which Samuel said range between $0.10 and $0.21. The sharks became increasingly frustrated as Samuel revealed more about his company’s finances. Mark Cuban opted out because the numbers didn’t make sense to him. Lori Greiner also followed Cuban because she thought the pitch was too confusing.

Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky also opted out for the same reason. Kevin was the last shark remaining. Unfortunately for Samuel, Kevin also decided to opt-out, and Samuel had to walk away without making a deal.

Company NameDa Vinci Eye
Founder Samuel Gherman
BusinessA mobile app that acts as an art projector, transforming the drawing experience
EpisodeSeason 15, Episode 16
Asked Deal$350,000 for 5% equity
Final DealNo Deal
SharksNo Sharks
Business StatusIn Business
Company WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquarterNew York, USA

What Happened to Da Vinci Eye after Shark Tank?

As of April 2024, the Da Vinci Eye is still in business. Da Vinci Eye gained popularity, especially after its appearance on Shark Tank. More people started using the app, and its ratings increased after the show.

It offers three applications tailored to different creative needs. For those interested in an augmented reality art projector, the Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector app is available on Android and iOS. 

At Da Vinci Eye, purchases aren’t subscription-based, and if you’re unhappy, you can get a quick refund. They recommend using a phone stand for a better experience. It’s beneficial for stability while sketching or using AR mode, especially on tables. 

The app costs $9.99, with an option to upgrade to the “pro” version for $26.99 (sometimes on sale for $19.99). The phone stand is $23. Da Vinci Eye also sells art supplies and other apps like Mural Maker and Doodle Grid.

The Apple App Store has close to 5,000 ratings with an average of 4.6 stars indicating high customer satisfaction. Also, you can find Da Vinci Eye app accessories on its website and Amazon.

Da Vinci Eye Founder

Da Vinci Eye Founder Samuel Gherman

Samuel Gherman is the founder of Da Vinci Eye, which started in 2016. He created it to help anyone draw like a true artist, inspired by the movie Tim’s Vermeer. It also saw rapid success, with 50,000 downloads within the first five weeks.

Gherman, a professional with a diverse background, earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Montclair State University in 2010. And he pursued MBA studies at Hofstra University. He started in Strategic Marketing and Brand Management at MallStand in 2012 before becoming Editor-in-Chief of Awesome NJ, a college student website. However, Samuel Gherman’s net worth is unknown as of April 2024.

Da Vinci Eye Achievements and Awards

YearAchievements and Awards
2024The company was featured on Shark Tank Season 15

The Da Vinci Eye has earned the respected Eric Hoffer Award.


Shark Tank is a TV show that showcases different business ideas and helps them succeed. Da Vinci Eye was one of the ventures featured on the show. Despite losing the deal, the company showed that success is possible with the right idea and execution. Now, we eagerly await to see how their success story unfolds in the future.

Before you leave, check out the other company updates in Season 15, Episode 16. 


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