Shark Tank Veba Baby, a smart baby bottle founded by Veon and Sean Brewster, telecasted Shark Tank USA in 2024 on Season 15. The founders were seeking $150,000 for 15% equity for their business. But unfortunately they couldn’t secure a deal with any Sharks. In this article, we will explore Veba Baby’s net worth in 2024, its Shark Tank pitch summary, and more.

Veba Baby Net Worth

As of January 2024, Veba Baby’s net worth was $850K, and its annual revenue was $3,000. 

Net worth$850K
Annual Sales Revenue$3,000
ProfitsNot Available
Lifetime salesNot Available
Employees2-10 employees

Veba Baby Net Worth Timeline

Net Worth 2024$850K
Net Worth 2023$800K
Net Worth 2022$750K

Shark Tank Veba Baby Update from Season 15 

In Season 15, Veon and Sean pitched their business model on the show. They were seeking $150,000 for 15% equity, valuing the company at $1 million. During their presentation, they talked about their background and how they created Veba Baby.

Their main goal was to help parents store and track the breast milk they feed their babies. The Veba Baby Bottle Monitor ensures the milk is of the highest quality and free from contaminants, promoting the best health and growth for babies. It’s a device that tracks the baby’s feeding times, milk temperature (as high temperatures can grow bacteria), and how often the baby feeds. It connects to an app, and based on CDC guidelines, it alerts parents if the milk is bad. 

Guest shark Emma Grede, a mom of 4, said she never had this problem. But Veon insisted it was a big market need, especially for moms who didn’t produce enough milk. Then, Sharks asked about their cost, and the founder said It costs $89 to buy and $45 to make. 

However, co-founder Sean thought they could cut production costs by 30%. Since launching, they’ve made $3,000 in sales and have 70 app users. Further, they said they have put $350,000 into the company, including a $300,000 home loan. Also, they’ve secured over $1 million from other investors and earned $178,000 worth of merchandise, which is about 2,000 units.

Guest Shark Emma thought the product wasn’t necessary and dropped out of the deal. Robert Herjavec agreed with Emma and said he didn’t have an issue with breast milk expiring while his twins were babies. So, he also decided not to invest. Mark Cuban saw the product’s potential, especially for dads, and suggested marketing it as a baby shower gift instead of directly to moms. However, he also decided to drop out.

Kevin thought their marketing was unclear, and Lori felt it was too early to invest. So, without a deal, the founders had to leave Shark Tank show.

Company NameVeba Baby
Founder Veon and Sean Brewster
BusinessA smart baby bottle intended to monitor and safeguard baby’s milk
EpisodeSeason 15, Episode 19
Asked Deal$150,000 for 15% equity
Final DealNo deal
Shark No Sharks
Business StatusIn Business
Company WebsiteVisit Website
HeadquarterCoral Springs, Florida, United States

Summary of the Sharks’ Deal List!

SharkOfferCounter Offer
Mark CubanNo OfferN/A
Kevin O’LearyNo OfferN/A
Robert HerjavecNo OfferN/A
Lori GrinearNo OfferN/A
Emma GredeNo OfferN/A

What Happened to Veba Baby after Shark Tank?

As of June 2024, the Veba Baby is still in business. Even though Veba Baby didn’t get an investment in Shark Tank, being on the show gave them great exposure. They showcased their product to a wide audience, highlighting its amazing features. 

Now, many customers know about Veba Baby and are interested in their innovative solution. This exposure was a reason to boost their sales significantly. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to grow and succeed.

Also, based in Coral Springs, Florida, Veba Baby has been actively involved in various events since its inception. They participated in Techstars Atlanta, PregoExpo, CES, and the World E-commerce Awards. In recognition of their accomplishments, Veba Baby received the 2024 Twice Picks Awards and was featured in Forbes. With significant funds raised from an investor in March 2023, the company has made a strong impact in just a few years of existence.

You can buy the Veba Baby Bottle Monitor from their official website. One monitor costs $129, but if you buy two, each one is $116.50 because of a discount. The product is also available on Amazon for the same price. 

Veba Baby Founders

Sean Brewster and Veon Brewster are founders of Veba Baby, which was started in 2021. Veon moved to the U.S. when she was nine with her mother, who was a schoolteacher with high expectations. Veon has always been passionate about education, engineering, and technology. 

Veon Brewster has studied the course Portfolio-Art Direction at Miami Ad School. She earned a BA in Mass Communication/Media Studies from the University of South Florida and also, earned an MS in Global Strategic Communications from Florida International University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Florida University.

During her studies, she interned at The Tampa Tribune and Gotham Advertising and Design. Her interest in computer science and her qualifications led to a career as a Manager in the Social Marketing team at Zimmerman Advertising, where she worked from August 2010 to June 2013. Also, she has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an Experienced Associate in Analytics & Digital Strategy. After three years, she became a Senior Associate, and by June 2020, she was the Manager of the User Experience Department.

In 2019, Veon married Sean Brewster. After having their baby, Veon faced the challenge of overproducing breast milk. Her baby got sick from spoiled milk, which made her determined to find a solution. Using her tech and engineering background, Veon and Sean created Veba Baby in July 2021 to track breast milk safety.

Veon continues her career to support their business. She worked as Director of Digital Strategy at Salesforce and is currently a UX Research Program Lead at Google. As CEO of Veba Baby, There, Veon leads product strategy and user research.

Sean Brewster, the husband of Veon and co-founder of Veba Baby, embarked on his journey in law enforcement in 2006 and has remained dedicated to the profession ever since. He has worked with various agencies like the FBI, DCF, Homeland Security, and ATF. His roles have included police officer, detective, field training officer, and hostage negotiator, which have helped him develop strong interpersonal skills.

Veba Baby Achievements and Awards

YearAchievements and Awards
2024The company was featured on Shark Tank Season 15

Winner of the 2024 Twice Picks Awards

The company was highlighted on various media platforms, including Forbes


Shark Tank is a TV show showcasing different business ideas, helping them succeed. Veba Baby was one of the ventures featured on the show. Despite the loss of the deal, the company showed that success is possible with the right idea and execution. Now, we eagerly await to see how their success story unfolds in the future.

Before you leave, check out the other company updates in Season 15, Episode 19.

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